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May 25, 2023

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of May 25, 2023

Somerset Bible Chapel

For Sunday May 21 in the May Long weekend, Erik Picard read the opening announcements. Kevin Friesen was the worship team, and Prayer Focus leader for the worship service.

“Open The Eyes of my Heart”, Prayer, “Praise Is Rising”, and “Because He Lives” made up the first segment. Al Dyck was usher.

After the Prayer Focus, Kevin led “Christ Alone, Cornerstone”, “Above All” and “Faithful Then, Faithful Now” for the singing.

Pastor Jeff Peacock took Matthew 21:32-46 as the lesson for his sermon. In this section known as “The Parable of the Tenants”, Jesus described a vineyard development, an absentee owner, a workforce unwilling to pay the owner his share. The resulting abuse of servants sent to collect the rent, then the owner’s son being put to death causes the listeners to suggest the vineyard workers be put to death and replaced.

The religious leaders of the day finally realized the parable was about them, their respect for the Prophets of times gone by, and for the Messiah in their midst. Jesus is revealed as the stone the builders rejected becoming the cornerstone in the Kingdom of God.

Pastor Jeff offered several things that could be learned from the parable, that require a response. The sermon closed with prayer, the closing song was “Faithful One” and the benediction 2 Peter 3:17-18.

Sunday May 28 will be the last day of regular Sunday School classes before the summer schedule.

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