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News from Isabel Acheson for issue of May 9, 2024

Somerset Bible Chapel

After a rather wet week, the sun was out for those arriving Sunday, May 5 for Sunday School and the Church service. The Sunday School classes are beginning a series of lessons in 2 Samuel of the historical books. 1 Samuel ends with the death of the first king of Israel, King Saul. The next narrative continues with David son of Jesse of Bethlehem who became Israel’s second king.

The worship service opened with church trustee Erik Picard reading announcements.

Jamie Small was worship leader with Brianna assisting with vocals and Kevin Friesen with percussion. Music selections included “For God So Loved (Come all you weary)”, “Our God”, “Faithful Now”, “What He’s Done”, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and “In Christ Alone”.

Abe Klassen served as the usher for the offering. Pastor Jeff Peacock led the communion service with Clayton Kimber and Rick Ross serving.

Pastor Jeff reported briefly on his three Sundays away as he began the Prayer Focus. Once again, he doesn’t miss a chance to brag on the family of the week!

The Mission of the Month for May is Day Camp, Community Carnival and Vacation Bible School (VBS) as the summer ministries of the church.

The sermon “Christ is Enough: The Gospel in Galatians” gave an overview of Chapter 2 of this 6-chapter letter to the churches in Galatia (a region in Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey). Listeners were reminded of the importance of preaching the basics of the faith to ourselves regularly and often.

The author gives biographical details as he sets out his acceptance by the council in Jerusalem as an Apostle. One also learns that Paul and Barnabas were commissioned to carry the Gospel to Gentiles while Peter, John and James were preaching to the Jews. All parties verified that the message they were spreading was the full and complete truth.

The author affirms that salvation from sin (and the penalty of death) is gained only by the work of Jesus Christ as perfect sacrifice, meaning that a person is justified by faith alone. There is no need for the observance of the Mosaic law (fulfilled by Christ). The works of the believer become the response to God’s grace and mercy in love and thankfulness.

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