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May 2, 2024

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of May 2, 2024

Somerset Bible Chapel 

The annual conference of the AGC (Associated Gospel Churches) of Canada Western Region took place last weekend in Gateway Bible Church, Diamond Valley, AB. Pastor Jeff and Alanna Peacock attended on behalf of Somerset Bible Chapel. 

Sunday morning April 28 the worship service opened with church chairman Jamie Small making the announcements.

Kevin Friesen, Brianna and Jamie Small were on the music team (lead guitar, bass and drums). Their selections included “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, “I Will Not be Shaken”, “His Mercy is More”, “Living Hope”, “Jesus Messiah” and “How Great Is Our God”. 

Brianna, accompanied by Jamie on guitar sang “God is on the Throne” by We The Kingdom for offertory. Erik Picard was the usher for the collection. Kevin Friesen led the Prayer Focus. 

The speaker was Abe Klassen. His topic was the Book of Isaiah the Prophet. The second longest book of the Bible with 66 chapters (Psalms has 150), can seem rather daunting to approach. Abe offered some tips to aid in the reading of this poetic part of the Old Testament. 

The writing style shares information with many figures of speech. Chapters 1-6 serve as the introduction. Chapters 6-39 all follow a theme of the threat presented when the people of God seek help elsewhere rather than depend on God. Chapters 44-66 begin with hope and comfort for a future after the Babylonian captivity. 

Abe read Is. 6:1-8:22, demonstrating that chapter breaks may not be helpful. He also read sections of chapters 35-39. There are many “nuggets” in the writing, words of wisdom and glimpses of the life of Jesus Christ.

Listeners could readily catch Abe’s enthusiasm for discovering the heart of God in this book of the Bible. The closing hymn became the ending prayer of the service. 

The Youth Group visited Cornerstone Church in Crystal City Wednesday evening April 24, for a youth program presented by Replica, a tour group from Millar College of the Bible. The Somerset families provided the supper for the group, while the Crystal City families provided billets for the travellers. 


Monthly bulletins and previous reports are available on the website

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