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August 24, 2023

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of Aug. 24, 2023

Somerset Bible Chapel

Sunday August 20 the worship service was followed by lunch and the summer congregational meeting.

The worship service opened with Abe Klassen reading the announcements. Rejean and Carol Picard were the music team. The opening medley included “In Christ Alone”, “Open Our Eyes” and “Holy Spirit Come”. “Blessed Assurance” was followed by offering with Erik Picard as usher and then doing the Prayer Focus.

“Christ is Mine Forevermore”, “Grace Greater Than All our Sins” and “I Exalt Thee” made up the next set. (I wish there was a way for this report to let you hear the confidence and harmonies in the congregational singing!).

With Pastor Jeff Peacock on holiday, the guest speaker was Kevin Friesen. Using Psalm 46:1-11 Kevin continued the summer series of Coffee Cup Verses with v. 10a “Be still and know that I am God…”

The Psalm is ascribed to the time of King Hezekiah of Judah when the nation was threatened by invasion and destruction by the forces of Assyria ( 700 B.C.). There are times in life when the right move is to “get up and go” instead of being still and learning to know God Almighty.

God’s power is sovereign over all and His presence is everywhere. His presence offers the calm and soothing of the spirit as being by a stream. His power is sufficient to shake the mountains or melt the earth. The psalmist then calls his people to exult in God, to see the works of both justice and mercy in the world around them.

When destruction seems on the doorstep, when hope is gone, the body is weak, then God is able. Time for study and contemplation enables God to work in the person.

The quarterly business meeting chaired by Jamie Grenier dealt with the usual reports and updates. Those present showed a deep concern for carrying out the mission of the church in the work of Christ.

Monthly bulletins and previous reports are available on the website .

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