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November 16, 2023

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of Nov. 16, 2023

Somerset Bible Chapel 

Regular Sunday School classes resumed Sunday Nov. 12 after a Super Sunday program the week before. Current lessons are in the book of Joshua. 

The worship service began with Abe Klassen doing the announcements. Talitha Klassen did the memory verse recitation from the Junior class. Rejean and Carol Picard led the music. “I Lift Your Name”, “All Heaven Declares”, “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful” were the opening set of songs. 

Erik Picard served as usher as well as leading the Prayer Focus. 

Rachel Picard read out the story behind the hymn “Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus”. “His Mercy is More” and “What a Day That Will Be” closed out the set. This amazing congregation sang the last chorus unaccompanied and without the words displayed, in full voice and harmony! So often people are lost without the words in front of them. 

Rachel led in the prayer of blessing and dedication for the Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts collected. Pastor Jeff Peacock continued his sermon series in the Gospel of Matthew. 

Matt. 23:1-12 was the Bible text for the day. Jesus speaks to a crowd as well as his disciples after dealing with a series of questions from the religious leaders of the day. He rebukes the teachers of the law for not obeying the law themselves.

Jesus warns against outward appearances that draw attention to oneself and that give false impression of the impurity inside. Jesus calls on his followers to love God with a pure and upright heart, to be willing to serve others, to be part of a team without needing to be given personal credit. 

The sermon closed with prayer. “The River” was the closing song and Rejean gave a closing prayer.  

The youth group regularly meets Wednesday evenings at the church. They also have a Guys event and a Girls event each month. The November ones are set for Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th. 

Rebekah and Michayla Peacock, current students at Millar College of the Bible, were in Winnipeg last weekend with the college Basketball team for games. Parents and brothers from Somerset were in attendance and enjoyed a family visit. 

Monthly bulletins and previous reports are available on the website

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