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June 29, 2023

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of June 29, 2023

Somerset Bible Chapel

The worship service Sunday June 25th opened with Erik Picard giving the announcements.

The music team was Tyler Unrau song leader with dad Ernest at the piano. “When We All Get to Heaven”, Wonderful Words of Life”, “Our God Reigns” and “How Great Thou Art” were the opening hymns.

Byron Timmerman served as usher. The Offertory was a piano arrangement of “Burdens are Lifted at Calvary”. “Rejoice in the Lord Always”, “The River” and “Living Hope” led to the Prayer Focus presented by Rejean Picard.

Pastor Jeff Peacock continued his summer series of Coffee Cup Verses. The text was Philippians 4:2-7 which included several well known verses. The writer of the epistle, Paul the apostle, goes from encouraging disagreements to be settled to prescribing joy and rejoicing to the church in Philippi. The origin of the group is told in Acts 16:11-15. Pastor Jeff referred to the value of faithful women serving in the local church.

The source of joy is “in the Lord”, a repeated phrase in the text. The next directive is “Do not be anxious”. Mental health is a real issue. Treatment is important in healing but so is time in God’s Word, especially in the Psalms of David. The final feature directs Christians on how to pray “with thanksgiving”. The summarizing promise in a peace that passes all understanding.

In closing the song “Rejoice in the Lord Always” was sung as a round song. Extra harmonies! The benediction was Phil. 4:23, the last verse of the letter.

Monthly bulletins and contact information are available on the website .

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