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January 16, 2024

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of Jan. 16th, 2024 The Hometown View

Somerset Bible Chapel 

The New Year began with the Wednesday evening Youth Group resuming on the 3rd and with Sunday School classes resuming on Sunday Jan. 7th. 

The Sunday School classes are completing a series of lessons from the book of Judges, historical narratives of the time between Joshua and the era of the kings. 

The morning worship service began with Abe Klassen of council doing the announcements. The music team was Emery and Katie DeRoo. They opened with “Everlasting God” and “My Lighthouse”. 

Jonathan Timmerman served as usher. Katie gave a vocal solo “I Shall Not Want”. 

Pastor Jeff Peacock led the Communion service with a meditation from Luke 22:14-23, the Lord’s Supper, as Jesus celebrated a last Passover with His disciples just prior to His Crucifixion. Bill Acheson and Rejean Picard assisted in serving. 

“Praise the Father”, “I Lift My Eyes Up” (Psalm 121), and “Jesus Strong and Kind” were the next set of songs. Pastor Jeff then led both the Prayer Focus and the giving of the sermon. 

The text for the sermon “Preach the Word” came from 2 Timothy 4:1-5. This farewell message from mentor Paul to the young pastor has its application to all true Christians. They are called on to study and practise the Word of God and to make its teachings known to others. 

The people of modern day have more access to the Word of God than ever before in history. The whole Bible is available on electronic devices in multiple translations and versions. A variety of Bible reading plans are available if that assistance is preferred. The goal should be to be more knowledgable tomorrow and next year than the day before. 

The sermon  closed with prayer. The closing song was “The Love of God” and the benediction was from 2 Thessalonians 2. 

Monthly bulletins and previous reports are available on the website

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