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August 31, 2023

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of Aug. 31, 2023

Somerset Bible Chapel

Summer schedule continues through Sept. 10th with Sunday School classes starting the next week. Sunday Aug. 27 was one of those end-of-summer days where some are away camping and some are entertaining visitors.

The worship service opened with Church Chairman Jamie Grenier doing the announcements. The worship team called their part ‘an acoustic set’ with guitar, drum set and piano. They opened with a medley of Praise songs followed by “For God So Loved”.

Clayton Kimber served as usher and Kevin Friesen led the Prayer Focus. The mission of the month has been Turtle Mountain Bible Camp. Addison Friesen reported on her time of service there in the spring team and in the week of Senior Teen Camp. As September begins, the camp will host JOY Camp (Just Older Youth) (55plus) as well as some weekend retreats.

“How Great Thou Art”, “How Great Is Our God” and “What Blessed Assurance” were all on the theme of God’s greatness.

Guest speaker for the day was Abe Klassen. As occasional pulpit supply, he has been leading the group through a study of the Tabernacle, the tent based place of worship for the Hebrews during their 40 year wilderness wandering after their Exodus from Egypt.

As the final talk in the series, Abe did a review of various aspects of note. He described them as “Shadows of the Substance”. In every instance each aspect pointed to Jesus Christ as the real thing, the way of approach to God, and the way to enjoy fellowship with Him.

The Bible lessons used included Revelation 21:1-4, 1 John 1:1-10 and Romans 8:31-39.

The closing hymn was “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”.

Youth group activities are to resume Wed. Sept. 6th, the same day classes start for local schools.

Monthly bulletins and previous reports are available on the website .


Prayer family of the week; Richard and Lyn Labossiere, Jaden and Brielle, St. Leon. and Swan Lake.

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