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December 7, 2023

News from Isabel Acheson for issue of Dec. 7, 2023

Somerset Bible Chapel 

The season of Advent, leading up to Christmas Day began on Dec. 3 this year. The month of December began with an Adult Christmas evening on Friday Dec. 1 at the church.

The Sunday worship service began with Abe Klassen doing the announcements. The music team was Rejean and Carol Picard. “Come, Now is the Time to Worship”,  “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus”, “Joyful Joyful we adore you”, “O come, all ye 

Faithful”, “We’ll Praise His Name Forever” and “His Name is Wonderful” - all songs were related to the Advent theme. 

Jonathan Timmerman served as usher, with “What Child is This” the piano interlude. Erik Picard led the Prayer Focus. The new Mission of the Month is for Herbert and Shandi Ives at Dauphin Bible Camp. A brief update is in the new bulletin for December. 

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” and “Living Hope” were sung before the sermon. 

Pastor Jeff Peacock pre recorded the sermon for Sunday morning as he was away unexpectedly. The lesson was from Galatians 5:1-14 as the Apostle Paul addresses the problem of legalism. The young Christians in Galatia were being confused by false teachers. It takes Grace to discern the line between legalism and licence as they discover how to use the freedom to be had in Christianity. 

Believers in Christ are freed from the legal requirements of the ancient Jewish laws. Jesus Christ became the atoning sacrifice once for all, offering righteousness that is complete, eternal, absolute in securing the believer’s position before God. 

The freedom from the Law is not to be abused, but enables one to live in love, serving others, laying aside personal pride.  

The closing song was “Silent Night” and Rejean closed in prayer. 

Following the church service, and a lunch together, the congregation met for their fall business meeting. 

Monthly bulletins and previous reports are available on the website

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